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What is CardioLight?

CardioLight is our class option that focuses on longer workouts, in the 20+ minute range, and use little to no weights. You won't find any barbells in this class, but you will get an intense, fat burning workout!


How much does it cost, and do I need Foundations?

Foundations is not required before starting a CardioLight Membership with us. This is because Foundations is greatly focused on complex barbell movements, which you won't find in our CardioLight classes. CardioLight is $75/month and has 5 weekly class times,
3 during the week and our 
Saturday morning classes. 

When are the classes?

CardioLight class is Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7:30pm, as well as Saturday morning at 9am & 9:45am. If you have a regular Kindle Fitness membership, unlimited CardioLight classes are included in your monthly package for free. If you are designated as a CardioLight-only member, you may only come to CardioLight class times.

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