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Preparing For Your First Competition

Less than 2 weeks until our Friendly Fire comp, and for some of you this is your very first competition! Congratulations! Here is what to expect of the day, as well as some helpful tips to prepare you and help you perform at your best. Make sure you soak up this super fun experience!

  1. Snacks are your best friend. You can expect to have a nervous stomach the day of your comp, especially if it is your first experience. Your body most likely won’t want large portions, so lots of small and easy to eat snacks are the key. Baby food with pureed sweet potatoes are a common thing you’ll see athletes snacking on because it’s quick, easy to get down, and an excellent source of energy and carbs for your workouts. Fruit, beef jerky, yams, pretzels, whole wheat crackers, electrolyte/vitamin enhanced drinks, and plenty of water are all quality snacks and items to have on hand that’ll help keep your body in GO mode. If you are just not hungry, still try to get some calories into your body 30-45 minutes before your heat time. As a good rule of thumb, don’t eat anything on comp day that you have not had before since you don’t know how your stomach might react to it.

  2. Don’t forget your protein! Pack one or two protein shakes. A great time to drink one is after your first event, to help your muscles recover and prepare for the rest of the day.

  3. Know your heat times like the back of your hand. Know them even better than the back of your hand! No one will remind you that it is time for your team to go, this is 100% the responsibility of the athletes. Comp day can feel like a whirlwind, don’t get caught up in all the commotion. Know your heat times and have your warm up time planned before the day begins.

  4. Cooling down is not a bad idea. To stay warm for your next event and prevent cramping, don’t sit for the entire time in between your events. Walk around, get on a rower, do some light stretching or foam rolling. This will help you feel like a million bucks going into the following events!

  5. Lastly, get as much sleep as possible the night before. Enough said!

A check list of some helpful items you may want to bring: folding/pop up chairs (there won't be many places to sit!), blankets/towels to stretch or foam roll on (you'll most likely not have room inside the box to do this), an extra foam roller if you have one, sunglasses & sunscreen, ice packs for your food can double as first aid for bumps & bruises, extra hair ties for the ladies, a change of clothes isn't a bad idea, and most importantly- bring your family and friends to watch you crush the competition!!!! Good luck athletes!

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