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Q&A Box

Q&A Box Answers!

1.“Is Keto safe for CrossFitters?” ​No. Unless you’re going very very light in workouts and keeping intensity low. Keto is low-no carbs and carbs are very important & necessary for your body to work at high intensity like we do in CrossFit. Additionally, most people do Keto wrong and eat high amounts of the wrong types of fats, which can cause stomach problems like acid reflux. We say just don’t do it. Keto might work for some people that train lightly or not at all, but it’s not suited for a CrossFitter's lifestyle. Give your body some satisfying complex carbohydrates like brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, & whole grains, then crush your workout!

2. “Should I drink protein before or after a workout?” The answer to this might surprise you. It can be either! Most people don’t like the feeling of working out with protein in their stomach because it can feel a little heavy. For that reason, we’d say drinking it after is best. But if you want to drink your shake before & don’t experience any issues, then go for it! Your body will still use it to repair torn down muscles.

3. “Any possibility for Open Gym on Sundays?” Sundays are our sabbath day and it’s an important practice for us. Any business we own now or in the future, will always be closed on Sundays.

4. “Is it safe to take pre-workout before a metcon?” Is it safe? For most people with healthy hearts, yes. Is it necessary? No. Pre-workouts were designed for “globo gym” sessions in which you don’t usually warm up much and don’t work at a high intensity. Pre-workout supplements have ingredients like caffeine with their purpose being to increase your heart rate (aka give you energy), and a CrossFit metcon is going to do that on its own. So save your money and spend it on a high quality protein supplement.

5. “Will strength training make me bulky?” Not unless you’re training with that as the goal. In order to put on a significant amount of muscle, you need to be eating a massive amount of calories every day. The “bulky” people you see are eating way more food than you ever would, lifting heavier weights than you can imagine, and are doing that day in and day out. You can’t “accidentally” look like them, they put a LOT of effort into building that much muscle mass. Additionally, you don’t want to be afraid of using weights because muscle burns fat! Follow our programming, challenge yourself, eat healthy, and you’ll look good - we promise.

6. "How soon after eating should I have a ‘movement’ ?” This answer is of course different for everyone, as we are all different sizes and body types - but it should definitely be every day at about the same time and be about the same consistency (LOL gross). If you eat a meal high in fiber like veggies or whole grains, or if you drink a hot liquid like coffee or even tea, the likelihood of you having a “movement” will increase soon after that meal because those items “move things along” quicker in the ol’ digestive tract. If your “movements” are very ~liquidy~ then you need more fiber. If they are too firm, then you need more water. If they are black, bloody, or always float, see your doctor as this is not normal and can be symptoms of disease. (Bet you didn’t expect that much info in the answer of this question!)

7. “What is our next challenge going to be?” No idea! We’re always open to new ideas, send them to Coach Jenn!

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