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4 Ways to Stay Consistent in the Gym this Holiday Season

The temperatures are starting to drop (some days at least), the foggy cool mornings and rainy days are coming. How can you stay consistent in coming to the gym and staying motivated to workout during the cozy holiday season? Here are 4 things that just might help!

1. Use a Game Alarm Clock App to get you up in the morning. It’s the year 2016! There is an app for everything. Including making sure you actually get out of bed in the morning to get to CrossFit! Try one like this.

2. Make it a Date! Set up at least one to two workout dates with a friend every week, especially on partner WOD days. It is so much more motivating to know that someone is waiting on you to get to the gym, not to mention way more fun to train with a partner. Maybe even go to coffee afterward! Accountability is so important during this coming season, so reach out to your gym bestie and ask to set up a date.

3. Go Shopping. It has to be a scientific fact that getting new workout clothes makes you want to go to the gym and show them off. Get a fun new pair of pants, a new headband, knee sleeves, or shoes to make you get excited about “suiting up” and putting in that work.

4. Lastly, Reward Yourself. Now don’t go crazy. But if you achieve the goal of coming to class all 3 times in a week PLUS Saturday, you definitely deserve a treat! Did you stay for CardioFit class one of the days? Treat yo’self!!! Get some fro-yo or a slice of pizza. Just don’t overdo it. Maybe the shopping from tip #3 can even be your reward! Working hard for a payoff is one of the greatest feelings. You just need to find a system that works for you.

Get motivated and stay moving this winter! And if you need some extra help in the kitchen, remember that we do offer meal plans and nutrition consultations. Interested? Email to set up your appointment today!

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