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How to Have Your Best Year

5 Ways to Feel Your Best in the Gym This Year!

1. Get worked on We have an in-house sports massage therapist that knows just how to get out those knots that won’t go away on their own! MOST issues you feel can be resolved by a simple massage. What are you waiting for?! See their office door to sign up or follow her IG @dynamicmobilitymassage

2. Get adjusted Chiropractic adjustments are a must if you want to feel We compress our spine daily with the weights we lift - it only makes sense to decompress it with a chiropractor.

3. Drink more water throughout the day before coming to class (actual water) There’s a ton of science behind functioning better when you’re hydrated. Drink actual water, not liquids your body will have to work through to get the hydration it needs.

4. Eat consistently throughout the day What you eat is important yes, but so is the consistency and we see this is often overlooked. Keep your body fueled if you want it to be able to work hard for you!

5. Arrive early to prepare your body but also your mind! Not just to warm up your muscles, but prepare yourself mentally for the work ahead by arriving a solid 10 minutes before class starts to get focused and ready. Trust us, it matters!

We know it's been awhile since we've blogged but we're making it a resolution to post more this year. Cheers to 2019! Email your questions or blog post requests to

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