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Top 10 Favorites

Things We Love!

10 of Our Favorite Items, Brands, Accounts, Foods, & More

We compiled a list of items we’re most frequently asked about, see people in need of, or things we just flat out love and think you should love too.

1. Progenex (obvi)

Some of our members don’t know that we used to own a Nutrishop and have a long history in the supplement business. Progenex is not only the best tasting protein we’ve ever tasted (& we have tasted many), but it is one of the purest you can find on the market today. It’s more expensive than whatever you’ll find at Target, but it is worth it. Are you going to get results from that cheap protein powder? Yeah sure. But if you’re not drinking it because it tastes bad, you won’t get any results at all! We love Progenex and if you haven’t given it a try, grab a sample packet off our shelf for $3 next time you’re in the gym!

Additionally, with the same mindset knowing we came from that industry, you can trust all the products we sell because they are awesome & top quality. FitAid & Perfect Bar are great products to have in your weekly routine.

2. Chestee This bra!! This is a high neck sports bra with built in collarbone padding to protect against cleans and other front rack positions. This bra is awesome. Sizing is similar to Lululemon (2,4,6, etc.) and the patterns/styles are so cute. Coach Sara G says she even found a couple on Poshmark. Definitely get yourself one of these if you’ve ever had a collarbone bruise!

3.Whiteboard Daily IG A motivating and informative account for both coaches and athletes!

4. Squat University IG An amazing account bursting with helpful warm ups, technique tips, and other super useful information for every athlete.

5. RPM Ropes These metal jump ropes make dubs super fast and they come in customizable fun colors. They make cute apparel too! We get a lot of complaints about people not being able to get their favorite rope from the ones we have at the gym because it got taken or it broke. Solve that problem by getting your own perfect-to-you rope!

6. Green Supplement Eat your veggies! But if you really can’t…drink them! This green supp is the best tasting one we’ve found. Especially when mixed with a propel flavored water. (Nutrishop has a good one as well)

7. NoBull These shoes are my (Coach Jenn’s) favorite. Is the name kind of stupid? Well yeah. But these shoes are the best CrossFit shoes I’ve tried! They are a company that is on the smaller side, so their stock can be limited at times. They run true to size as well. We do also like the Nike Metcons, those are an excellent choice for sure and Coach Nolan’s all-time favorite.

8. MyFitnessPal App (by Under Armour) We get asked all the time. “What should I eat?” or “What do you recommend for dieting?” first step is to just start tracking what you ARE eating, then we can analyze what needs to be adjusted. This app is great. Try to eat REAL food, close to its natural state. Real & whole foods. Eat a balanced amount of proteins-fats-carbs, and try to have your carb sources be from real sources like rice, potatoes, fruits, veggies, not carbs you find in a bag like chips, cheetohs, oreos, etc.

9. Lift Genie & Rock Tape If you rip on your thumbs, like a lot of people do since it’s hard to develop a callous in that area, try wrapping your thumbs with a flexible tape like these brands. This can also help you stay more comfortable holding a hookgrip on a barbell if that’s something you experience discomfort with.

10. Zella

Ok ladies, obviously Lululemon is best. But Zella, the Nordstrom brand, is a great option if you’re trying to save money. Their pants are closer to the $50 range instead of lulu’s $100. Find Zella at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack!

While this list is fun and definitely useful, at the end of the day it’s not about fancy shoes & toys. Consistency in the gym AND in your diet is absolutely necessary if you want to see a change. Don’t get caught up in buying lifting shoes and fancy belts because they won’t help you if you’re not building a strong base by exposing your body to CrossFit at least 3 times a week, every week. Stay motived my friends!

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