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5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Quarantine

Aside from the obvious threats that COVID-19 poses, there are new health threats beginning to emerge from being quarantined. All the sitting, the snacking, and feeling isolated. I think we're all starting to understand the phrase "cabin fever" more than we ever thought we would. Our physical, mental, and even social health are taking some hits.

What can you do to feel better during the mandatory stay-home order? Read on for some ideas!

1. Enjoy the break from intensity.

So you're not having your typical gym experience. A healthy perspective you can take is to think of this as a time to let your body recover and relax. That doesn't mean not working out, but it could mean enjoying your at-home WOD without a clock in your face or running for the joy of it, rather than trying to PR your mile time. CrossFit does amazing things for your fitness, but humans can not constantly operate at only a high-intensity (hello burnout). Take this time to appreciate your body and find joy in moving it how you can. (See point #5 for our info on Wednesday night yoga!)

2. Keep an eating schedule.

Quarantine Vacation.The absolute worst thing you could do for your nutrition right now is take this time as a junk food free-for-all. Do we need some comfort food during this stressful time? Heck yeah. Does that mean every single day? No. Are you eating because you're bored and not actually hungry? Yes.

Create and maintain a schedule or rough outline for your meals of the day. This should actually be easier to do right now since a lot of restaurants are closed and you're probably preparing more meals at home. It's also the perfect time to research healthy recipes you've always been interested in trying and give them a go! You know the saying: failing to plan is planning to fail. One more time for the people in the back–Plan your meals or your hungry stomach will plan it for you. And your stomach probably doesn't make great decisions.

*We are currently offering FREE meal plans, in an effort to provide as much value as possible to our loyal members still paying their membership. Email to set yours up.

3. Prioritize your mental health.

Mental health is one of those things you don't pay attention to until you find yourself struggling with it. Be proactive! Know that there are weeks left in this quarantine (WEEKS Y'ALL) and Netflix can only offer your mind so much. Find things to do that bring you joy and stimulate your brain. A puzzle, a book, a bike ride, journaling–don't feel bad taking time to do something for YOU (moms, we're all looking at you).

4. Try to talk or text someone that you don't live with and do it every day.

Every day try to connect with at least one person. Comment on their Instagram post, send them a funny meme, text and ask how they're doing, or ask if they want to schedule a FaceTime. Don't let yourself feel isolated because it is a surefire thing that every other person is feeling the same right now. People need connection and we guarantee you'll feel better after talking to someone you love.

5. Workout during one of our LIVE Instagram times!

Currently, we're doing live yoga sessions every Wednesday night and trying to schedule some live Saturday morning workouts too. Stay up to date by following us @kindlefitnessriverside on IG! The feedback has been unanimous that people actually do feel more motivated when they aren't working out alone–even if it's virtual. And of course you guys know we are always here to answer any questions you may have, whether it be about a modification or if you need help swapping out a movement in the workout. DM or email us at any time. We love you all and together we will come out on the other side of this thing healthy and feeling good!


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