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Tips, Tricks, & Info

Periodically, we like to revisit some main tips, policies, and key points that we want to make sure our members know. If you're new- listen up! If you've been a member for awhile, still check out this list to make sure you're getting the most out of your membership!

-CardioLight classes are free for you. All regular memberships include UNLIMITED CardioLight classes. Yes, you read that right!

-Saturdays are free for everyone! We like Saturdays as the day we encourage newcomers to come take their trial class. This class will usually be CardioLight-inspired and not heavy on the lifting. Saturdays never count against your 3x a week membership package!

-You can charge things like waters, bars, FitAids, shirts, etc. to the card you have on file for your membership. Simply check the "Charge My Card" box on the form near the fridge.

-You need the Wodify app. Classes are still capped at 8 athletes because #COVID19 so please download the Wodify app (either the white "athlete" version or the class black logo version will both work). To learn how to reserve your class spot on the app click here.

-Need to cancel a class reservation you've made? You can do so up to the 2 hours prior to class time without penalty. Cancelling a reservation within those 2 hours before the class starts will be subject to a $15 charge. See one of the coach names reserved but they didn't show? We'll use coaches as placeholders when people contact us about taking their free trial class.

-5 days! You must cancel your membership **5 days** before the next billing cycle. We stand strong on this policy, we go over it with all new members, so always remember the number FIVE.

-NOT ALL SHOES ARE CREATED EQUAL. CrossFit, Cross-training, trail-running shoes are all typically flatter ("0mm drop") than a padded running shoe. Classic running shoes will make you unstable in your squats, jumps, and other lifts. Ideally, it is best to use a training shoe for your everyday WODs and keep a pair of running shoes in your car for running-intense days (like mile run days). If you have questions on this, Coach Chris and Coach Jenn are self-proclaimed training shoe experts and would love to answer your questions. Top brands/models to check out are: Reebok Nanos, Nike Metcons, & NoBull Trainers.

-We are an officially chartered Little Free Library now. Find it in the back by the cubbies. Take a book and/or leave a book!

-We offer meal plans! Schedule your free consultation today! Coach Nolan and Coach Sara P. are both well experienced in nutrition and will help you reach your goals. Send us an email at to get started.

Questions, concerns, blog ideas? Email us anything! You can also reach us by DM on our Instagram account @kindlefitnessriverside


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